Upcoming Events


Oct 10- Friday
Trivia Night
 Plumber’s & Pipefitters Union Hall
 Doors open at 5:30pm – Game starts at 6:30pm
 Snack Bar Available & You May Bring your Own Alcoholic Beverages/Snacks
 $80 per table or $10 per person
 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Prizes
 Questions? Joshua Schipp (309) 738-6536 or Call Chris Baker (309) 721-6241

Oct 11- Saturday NOTE: This is a change, as we will not host one Sept 13
Texas Hold ‘em Poker Tournament
 Arsenal Island Golf Clubhouse
 Doors open 3:30 & Cards Fly 5:00 PM
 $40 Buy In & $10 Re-Buy
 Questions? Call Chris Baker (309) 721-6241

October 23 – Town Hall Meeting
6:00 pm
George O. Barr Elementary School 1305 – 5 Ave, Silvis



10486032_696613243741190_4175202876243755500_nIt’s time to test your cornhole skills against
fellow trade unionists, friends, and family!
Get a hole in one for Hope Creek and win
some cash for more fun!

Saturday August 30th – Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Tap
1228 30th Street Rock Island

• Solidarity Drinks start @ Noon
• Tournament starts @ 1:00pm
• 32 Team Double Elimination
• 2 Person Teams – $40 Per Team
• $300 Cash Prize for 1st Place
Proceeds to benefit KISS Committee
To register, call QC Next Up Chairman,
Brett Utz, at 309-738-1521

Thanks to all Parade Walkers !

The Firecracker Run 4th of July Parade in East Moline was a tremendous success. KISS Committee had over 40 volunteers walk in the parade to help pass out candy and postcards with information about the fall referendum.

We received an applause when the parade announcer talked about us which really lifted our spirits. Along the route, countless people we spoke to said they support our cause and plan to vote for the referendum in November.

Altogether it was a rewarding experience, reminding us of why this country is so great: because of its wonderful people.

Join KISS in the East Moline 4th of July Parade

downloadDue to the holiday, we are not holding our biweekly meeting today.
Instead please join us in the East Moline 4th of July Parade. Details below. Wear your Red KISS tshirt and if you don’t have one, wear any red shirt so we make a bright impression!
Thank you for your participation in the 56th Annual East Moline AMVETS parade.  We are excited by the quality of the entries we have received this year, including yours!
Time: Registration is from 10 to noon. All participants MUST be present by noon.
  • There will be road closings in the morning on Friday, July 4th due to the Firecracker Run
  • Participants should be dropped off at the entrance to the Case Lot (12th Avenue & 3rd Street). Security will only be allowing participants riding or walking to enter here.
  • Parade Units must enter through 7th Street gate.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to drive through the check-in line to drop off the participants. 12th Avenue is for drop-off only, no parking allowed!
  • If you are bringing horses or any other kind of animal to be in the parade, it will be your responsibility to clean up any droppings of the animal, during the parade. If animal droppings are not cleaned up, a cleanup company will be hired and the bill will be spilt upon any entries that bring animals to the parade.
• Line-up in your numbered area – look for the volunteers in the White 4th of July

• Line-up according to number

• ALL walkers need to line-up with their entry in their location

• Porta-Toilets are located throughout the Case lot. Handicap toilets are near the

• Obey the pacing instructions of the Staging Area Coordinator.

• Because we care about the welfare of children, please do not throw candy! Walk

• Please do not discard debris in the staging area or parade route. Find a garbage can

• At the end of parade route please move quickly off 13th Street. If you are

t-shirts to assist you in finding your correct spot in the line-up

along the curb and hand it out.

and dispose of your debris (there will be several in the staging area)

being picked up, please advise your ride to pick you up between 8th and 11th

Street along 14th Avenue. Vehicles are not allowed to park at the end of the

parade to pick you up.

• If your vehicle is parked in the staging area, please make your way back to the 7th

• Questions? Please ask a parade volunteer identified in the parade t-shirt or call

Street entrance. DO NOT enter in the 3rd Street entrance!

Daniel Joiner at (630) 202-6738 or Jessica Webb at (563) 209-2322.

Parade officials have sole authority in all decisions regarding the

parade and entries.

Letter: It’s important to give our seniors the best, vote

Letter: It’s important to give our seniors the best, vote

Originally Posted on QCOnline: June 19, 2014, 11:00 pm

My wife and I attended a June 12 informational meeting for Hope Creek Care Center.

A person attending the meeting said everyone is going through cutbacks due to the economy: phone, cable, milk, frozen foods, etc. Her example of frozen foods was pizza; which is LESS EXPENSIVE when you buy it frozen at WalMart or Aldi’s.

She mentioned cable; most programs are not suitable for kids nor are we interested in watching cable. Milk is priced very reasonably at Aldi’s and you have to shop around for food, gas, etc.

I am sorry she feels the way she does about our elderly care; I am sure as she was growing up her mom/dad made sure she had a warm clean home, and food on the table no matter what the cost; it was important for them to give her the best.

I feel in my heart it is our turn to do the same for our seniors/loved ones — give them the best, and that is Hope Creek Care Center.

I know Hope Creek is the best in Rock Island County. I am a hospice volunteer and have been in other nursing homes; no other home compares to the care, treatment and dedication provided by Hope Creek Care Center staff.

The Nov. 4 referendum is for our residents of Hope Creek, do not take their home/safety away.

Keep Hope Creek Care Center as a public institution; which means NO ONE can be turned away, regardless of income or assets.

Vote yes on Nov. 4.

Donald E Lind,